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Kari Traa Bukser - Kari Traa is the skier/designer who got fed up with boring ski clothes and ugly base layers. This is where to look for beautiful and feminine gear that really works.Kari Traa is not only an Olympic champion in Freestyle with three Olympic medals. She also has her own very popular brand of sportswear. The story begins at Voss, a small village between the sea and the mountains, where she was born and raised. Her Norwegian origin has not only made Kari a successful athlete. She has also got a good eye for design and a great creative enthusiasm. Even when she was at the height of her career, Kari has always managed to find time to develop her creativity. Between training and competition, she started knitting hats for friends and created her own ski clothing. These designs soon became very popular among friends and other skiers, and that's where the brand Kari Traa comes from. It is still happy childhood memories, the rugged Norwegian landscape and strong Scandinavian traditions that inspire the designer Kari. It's all about sports clothing that is perfectly adapted to the female form, but still meets the requirements of an active, sporty and adventurous lifestyle.

Kari Traa Bukser

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