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ArxusMen's Arctic Rubber Boot

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Men's Arctic Rubber Boot fra Arxus er et par gummistøvler til herrer som passer til jagten.
Egenskaber for Men's Arctic Rubber Boot:
Vinter Foret: Ja
Removable insole: Ja
A good pair of boots is probably the most important item of outdoor equipment. When your feet are comfortable your enjoyment of the day is increased. Since starting as a ‘boot engineer’ in 1986 Arxus objective has been to constantly offer boots of the utmost quality, combining the highest levels of comfort, practicality and durability with great design. To meet the challenge of providing footwear to suit the varying conditions to be faced in the ‘great outdoors’ it is necessary to produce boots with the correct foot and leg support combined with different internal lining options, and with a durable construction. Now at the forefront of rubber boot manufacture, Arxus is well established as a brand leader in terms of comfort, performance and lasting quality.

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