Rib Tank Women's STHLM - ID: A077402

Björn BorgRib Tank Women's STHLM

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Rib Tank Women's STHLM fra Björn Borg er kortærmet træningstrøje til damer .
Egenskaber for Rib Tank Women's STHLM:
Materiale: Bomuld/syntetisk
Lynlås: Nej
Kompression: Nej
Björn Borg is an international sports fashion brand for people who want to feel active and attractive. They design products that combine unique expression, perfect fit, good functionality and long-lasting quality. These products may not change the way you look, but they will change the way you feel. Björn Borg is on a mission: to inspire people to be more through its belief that sports can make our minds, souls and bodies become something more than what we are today, and that anyone can become anything.

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