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BulaMen's Swell Trekking Pants

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Men's Swell Trekking Pants fra Bula er et par bukser til herrer .
Egenskaber for Men's Swell Trekking Pants:
Justering nederst i buksebenet: Ja
Zip-off: Nej
Passer til: Forår/sommer (over 0ºC)
Støvlekrog: Nej
Hovedmateriale: Bomuld/polyester
Vindtætte: Ja
Polstring: Upolstret
Antal lommer: 3 stk
Forstærket områder: Ja
Antal baglommer: 1 stk
Antal forlommer: 2 stk
"Bula Bula" is a Fijian greeting that stands for "Good life, health and happiness", values which remain at the heart of the Bula brand to this day. Over the past 30 years BULA has grown into an international leader of winter headwear. Their initial offering of hats and beanies has expanded to include base layers, gloves, socks and sweaters. With each year they add fresh new designs which provide a splash of color and a dash style to essentially protect you from the elements. Bula will be there to keep you warm during any outdoor activity, whether it’s skiing, sledding, running or simply making a snow man BULA has you covered.

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