R5 - ID: A058045

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R5 fra Coxa Carry er en træningsrygsæk til alle som passer til mountainbike.
Egenskaber for R5:
Køn: Unisex
Rumfang: 5,5 L
Vægt: 600 g
Udvendige mål ca. (b x d x h): 13 x 12 x 40 cm
Indstillelig ryglængde: Nej
Tilpasset for væskesystem: Ja
Væskesystem inkluderet: Ja
Topåbning: Lynlås
Integreret regnslag: Nej
The Coxa backpack has through its unique ergonomic carrying system quickly become a favorite amongst elite athletes and exercisers. Claes Bergkvist is the innovator behind this patented ergonomic carrying system and he had the idea already in 1968 when he was a young scout on hike, and grew tired of severe chafing and tired shoulders. After a mountain hike in Italy 2008 Claes bought a sewing machine and the first prototypes were developed in a basement, to later on be developed into its final form. In 2012 Claes Coxa carrying system was patented and Coxa Carry AB was created, with the ambition to develop a world class backpack.

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