Men's Omni-Vent - ID: A068174


EccoMen's Omni-Vent

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Men's Omni-Vent fra Ecco er et par sko til herrer som passer til dine fritidsaktiviteter.
Egenskaber for Men's Omni-Vent:
Ydersål: Gummi
Udvendigt materiale: Skind
A global family of shoemakers. True passion is essential to making great shoes. From drawing the first sketches to presenting our finished shoes in ECCO stores around the world, we apply the utmost attention to detail and quality. Unique to our industry, we make leather at our own tanneries and produce shoes at our own factories. Our global family of employees, representing over 50 nationalities, is the life force behind our products. Design, development, production, and retail – we take responsibility all the way.

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