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The SuperSoles from Icer's is a pair of removable spiked soles that'll make the slippery winter conditions way easier to manage. Wear them on all your shoes, and you're able to swiftly take them off when getting to delicate floors at work and in shops.

Back in the 80s Ross Hansen had a traffic incident that made it hard for him to walk. Especially the slippery conditions in his Canadian hometown was hard to manage, and it caused him insecurity and restricted his way of getting around. When searching for anti-slip devices Ross found only stuff intended for extreme mountaineers or runners, nothing for ordinary people like himself. Ross decided to do something about this, and togehter with a friend he invented the SuperSoles and started Icer's. The soles are using the same stud technology as studded tires for cars. The company has grown significantly from when it started, and the soles has evolved into the effective and safe anti-slip devices they are today.

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