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Seacamp CNX har en lav profil og let sål, der lader små fødder til bevæge sig naturligt. Den kan modstå vand ved at have en super dræning og er også vaskbar.
  • Lav profil
  • Letvægtssål der ikke efterlader mærker
  • Velcrolukning i ankeln
  • Hurtigsnørring med lås
  • Kan vaskes
Egenskaber for Seacamp II CNX Tots:
Last: Normal
Tåbeskyttelse: Ja
Extra vattentålig: Ja
Udvendigt materiale: Syntetisk
Vægt pr. sko: 85 g
”Vi skaber originale og alsidige produkter, forbedrer liv og inspirerer til eventyr i naturen”, skriver Keen om deres produkter. Det privatejeede selskab KEEN fra portland, Oregon har en dyb passion for friluftsliv. Deres mål er at skabe originale og alsidige produkter, forbedre liv og inspirere til eventyr i naturen.

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  • Miljø & Etik

    At Keen they are determined to ensure that the materials they use in their products are safe for employees, customers and the environment.

    KEEN works beyond existing industry standards and conducts research in sustainable chemistry in its manufacturing processes. They mainly work in three areas to make their products environmentally safe.

    Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) are a collection of hazardous substances commonly used in DWR treatments and applied to clothing, sleeping bags, tents and other products that require waterproofing. In shoes, PFCs increase the surface tension in the fabric, which helps water roll off and repel dirt. PFCs are a non-natural substance that breaks down very slowly. This leads to a build-up (bioaccumulation) of PFCs in the food chain. Scientists have found traces of PFCs in air, water, wildlife and humans. KEEN uses bio- and hydrocarbon-based chemicals to achieve the best water-repellent effect with the lowest environmental impact.

    industry standard tests, KEEN has seen that their PFC-free water repellency (DWR)
    products are highly comparable to traditional impregnations. Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is an ultra-thin coating/impregnation that is applied to the upper part of the shoe. The treated surface causes small beads of water to form which run off instead of being absorbed by the outer material. This keeps the shoes dry, which ultimately leads to dry feet.

    KEEN loves good leather, but something they don't love is
    its impact on the environment. In the production of leather, large quantities are required
    water, energy and chemicals. Over the past 10 years, KEEN has taken great steps to only use leather from tanneries certified by Leather
    working group. The Leather Working Group is a multi-stakeholder organization that sets industry benchmarks and audits tanneries. Environmental performance is ensured in important areas such as chemical and waste management, energy use, air emissions and water treatment. The skin/leather they use today comes from tanneries that are certified and work with systems that reduce water and energy use and completely eliminate waste water pollution.

    For odor control, KEEN has turned to nature to be able to eliminate 7000 kg
    pesticides/biocides from being released into the environment each year.

    Cleansport NXT™ is an organic odor control that utilizes probiotic-based
    technology microbes that produce enzymes that naturally break down odors in sweat. This means that they effectively eliminate odors without heavy metals, perfumes, volatile organic compounds and chemicals that are dangerous to human health.

    KEEN's products are manufactured around the world from the USA, to Cambodia, China, India, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam and Europe. No matter where
    manufacturing takes place, they are dedicated to ensuring that they follow the standards that exist when it comes to working conditions. This means that they ensure that the workers are treated with dignity and respect and that the processes are environmentally friendly. KEEN expects that their suppliers have the same values and share KEEN's commitment to these issues.
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