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Mystery RanchPitch 40L

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Pitch 40L fra Mystery Ranch er en friluftsrygsæk til alle .
Egenskaber for Pitch 40L:
Rumfang: 40 L
Brystrem: Ja
Indstillelig ryglængde: Ja
Topåbning: Fast toplåg
Integreret regnslag: Nej
Stolfunktion: Nej
Mystery Ranch is an american backpack manufacturer with exstensive experience in proffessional carrying equipment. In addition to custom made military backpacks the company also manufactures premium models for hunting and other outdoor activites. Models that accordning to most are some of the best available. Mystery Ranch manufactures backpacks to those who inspire them. To those with a job to do and a mission that requires the best carrying comfort, functionality and efficiency. Quality and safety, that no matter the mission, won't let you down when the going gets hard. The founder and designer, Dana Gleason is a legend in the industry and has worked with and developed groundbreaking models for their own brand as well as others since the 70s . From the very start it has been product-driven design based on an idea with function in mind.

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