Electron Jacket Men's - ID: A045594

RabElectron Jacket Men's

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Electron Jacket Men's fra Rab er en varm dunjakke til herrer som passer til alpin.
Egenskaber for Electron Jacket Men's:
Vægt: 500 g
Fill Power: 800 CUIN
Hovedmateriale: Syntetisk
Hætte: Fast
Pakkepose inkluderet: Ja
Polstring: Gåsedun
The Rab story began in 1981 in the attic of a small, terraced house in Sheffield where Rab Carrington made the first sleeping bag to bear his name. Hand-stitched and devised with his own ingenious eye, Rab's experience from years spent in the mountains was apparent in his designs, and soon there was popular demand from Rab's friends and the growing local climbing community. Word soon spread, and the Sheffield attic became a factory floor, creating sleeping bags and jackets for customers far and wide. Now, decades later, those honest, hard-wearing designs can be found all over the world; wherever adventurous individuals face up to the elements.

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