Nora Lasting High Waist Tights - ID: A075555


RöhnischNora Lasting High Waist Tights

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Nora Lasting High Waist Tights fra Röhnisch er et par træningsbukser til damer som passer til løbeturen.
Egenskaber for Nora Lasting High Waist Tights:
Hovedmateriale: Polyamid
Benlængde: Full Length
Stretch: Nej
Kompression: Nej
Opbevaringslomme: Ja
Röhnisch is a female specialist brand. Their assortment ranges from activewear to golfwear, with tights and pants for all activities. They have warm jackets that work just as well on the way to the gym as in your active everyday life, functional accessories and underwear! Their all-female team strives to satisfy your sweat needs as well as your wish to look great, because they believe a body in motion is the home of a healthy and beautiful life.

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