Hiker Merino Socks - ID: A054887

RÖJKHiker Merino Socks

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Hiker Merino Socks fra RÖJK er et par strømper til alle .
Egenskaber for Hiker Merino Socks:
Skafthøjde: Mid
Mærket venstre/højre: Ja
Materiale: Merinould/Syntetisk
RÖJK is a Swedish brand founded in 2010 with a strong focus on sustainability and innovative products that has broken new ground over and over in an otherwise traditional industry. With the most ambitious sustainability goals in the industry as well as meritable awards such as the ISPO Eco Achievement Award and several Scandinavian Outdoor Awards, we have made it clear that we are a brand to count on in the future.

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