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SnowlineChainsen Trail

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Chainsen Trail fra Snowline er skotilbehør til alle som passer til løbeturen.
  • The optimal eisen for running in winter
  • Use on snowy or icy road with strong low peaks
  • Flexible rubber band and chain fit to every type of running shoes
  • Reduce foot fagiue while running on snow with extremely lightweight bodies

Stainless 304, 420J2, Elastomer
Snowline is a diversified mountaineering gear company. They design, research and develop mountaineering gear and multi-purpose items, especially for winter, to protect user’s safety. Snowline focus on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the area of outdoor and camper lifestyle. A leader in the field of traction device since 1991, Snowline is globally known as the “Chainsen Company” that provides multiple solutions for mountaineers.

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