Dinner Big Chicken Fried Rice - ID: A062579

Summit To EatDinner Big Chicken Fried Rice

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Dinner Big Chicken Fried Rice fra Summit To Eat er en madret til alle som passer til vandringen.
Egenskaber for Dinner Big Chicken Fried Rice:
Indeholder soja: Ja
Nettovægt: 202 g
Indeholder æg: Ja
Indeholder nødder: Nej
Vægt færdig mad: 782 g
Glutenfri: Nej
Kalorier pr. pakke: 1006 kcal
Laktosefri: Ja
Vegan: Nej
Vegetarisk: Nej
Summit To Eat offers a wide variety of meals, from delicious breakfasts to kick-start your day, to snacks, lunches and hearty dinners designed to keep you energised throughout your adventures or to relax and unwind with in the evening. The meals include staples of comforting home cooking like pasta bolognaise and macaroni cheese, to campfire classics like vegetable chilli or beef and potato stew.

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