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    Access 350 - ID: A037727

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    Access 350 fra Ultimate Direction er en bæltetaske til alle som passer til løbeturen.
    Egenskaber for Access 350:
    Antal lommer: 1000 st
    Vandtæt: Nej
    Rumfang: 0,6 L
    Vægt: 99 g
    In 1985 Ultimate Direction invented the entire category of hydration packs. They created the first waist pack for carrying bottles, a few years later made the first pack/strap to carry a water bottle in your hand, and have made many other innovations that define what a hydration pack is today. 30 years later they remain a market leader, having created and popularized the "vest" concept for carrying water. They introduced the very first women's-specific line of hydration packs and have brought the classics of the past into the technical future with award-winning gear such as their Fastpack and Ultra Jacket. Ultimate Direction's products are designed by athletes for athletes, and the Jenny Collection was designed by women for women. Some of the best runners in the world thought long and hard about what works the best, and the result is absolutely great gear.

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